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As far as building projects go, a fence isn’t overly complicated, but you do need to be comfortable with basic construction and tools. Start your fencing project with a visit or phone call Strictly Fences and we will be happy to discuss your project, answer your questions and provide you with the latest how-to information and all the materials you need to build your fence with professional results. If you don’t think you’re comfortable going it alone, we can supply and install your fencing project for you.

Locate your property line markers and stake off the fence perimeter a little bit inside of these boundaries. This will not only allow you to estimate the amount of material required, it will ensure that your fence is built on your property. Whether you decide to build the fence yourself or have Strictly Fences do it for you, you should be aware of zoning ordinances before making final plans. Check for restrictions on height, visual clearance and distance allowed from the street. It is also an excellent idea to draw out your fence plan on graph paper including all dimensions and any other details like grade changes and gate location. This is a valuable resource when developing a proper cost estimate and materials list.

We offer the following DIY projects, fabricated at our shop, available for pickup or delivery right to your doorstep (delivery charges will apply). All fence packages will come complete with an installation guide.
  • Vinyl “Post Mount”
  • SteelMax Pro – PVC or Wood
  • Chainlink – Residential
  • Chainlink – Commercial
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